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Our multi-level event space is the perfect canvas for moments that defy the ordinary. Built with form and function in mind, The Pearl is ideal for celebrations of all calibers, from holiday parties to anniversaries, mitzvahs, birthdays, proms, and more.

“From a grain of sand in The Pearl comes.”

— Confucius

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Client name & Client Name

"Thank you for helping to create a fantastic night. The Pearl crew is wonderful. Everyone was so helpful all night long and so gracious handling our millions of requests. We want to give a shout out to Brynna, Graham, and Nicole!"

Lambda Legal

"The magazine launch at Pearl SF was beyond expectations. Intimate, classy, and perfectly executed."

San Francisco Magazine

"We hosted our annual summer party at The Pearl last night. It was a total HIT. The venue is gorgeous, the staff is impeccable and the vibe is perfect. All of our guests LOVED the party and couldn't stop raving about the venue."

Ashley C, Uncork Capital

"Thank you for hosting us! Our team had an overhwhelming amount of positive things to say about the space and service from The Pearl team working our event. Thank you for all your help with maing sure it as an absolute success!"

Jackie C, Mixpanel

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